Retail Design


Building the Retail Experience

Boomerang Icecream


MAR 21, 2014

Retail stores are one of the key drivers of a brand. Retail spaces are
carriers of social, cultural values and constitute an ‘experiential world’.
Boomerang is a successful local ice cream brand. It has been in the business for over the last two
decades has now grown with presence in 8 locations. Boomerang was looking for a
revitalized identity. The retail store serves up softies, premium icecream, sundaes, milkshakes
in their stores. They also cater in large volumes to hotels and caterers.

The retail store design plays on nostalgia and the simple joy of ice cream, and has been
designed with an appeal across age groups. The traditional icecream parlour was taken as
inspiration and stylized to fit modern aspirations. The new look has been extended to
packaging, stationery, store interiors & delivery van.

Visual Merchandise

Communication has been built with appeal across age groups. The retail store design uses
imagery of nostalgic, everyday ice cream scenes; postcard treatments and illustration. Grids
were built for variety. The variety allows for appeal across various audiences. The visuals take
us back to the places and memories we may have individually experienced. Brand
communication has been subtly embedded into the posters.

Icecream Delivery Van

An exciting icecream van on the road is all it takes to get you driving to the nearest Boomerang
store. Designed as one of Boomerang's on-the-road touchpoints.

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