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Bringing Chicken to your Doorstep SPF Chicken


MAR 13, 2014

Service Design Enables To Create A Model Where Customer Experience
Is Balanced With The Organization’s Capability.
In a typical situation like this where the organization is not sure about the customer’s perspective
and its capability to design and execute effective services, service design comes into play.
When you have two coffee shops right next to each other, and each sells the same coffee at the
same price, service design is what makes you walk into one and not the other.

Naming & Identity:

Chicklets is the traditional term for a young bird. It is a catchy and one we are familiar with.
The brand identity is illustrated and is a direct representation of the product category, with
appeal across all age groups. Chicken looks fresh and healthy in its natural setting. It reflects a
conscious and friendly neighborhood butcher. The business model was built on 'experiential

Research Insights On The Target Audience:

+    People Are Attached To Their Neighbourhood Butchers- Relationship Is Key
+    Live Chicken Is Of Preference Over Any Other
+    People Recognize Brands And Cleaner Environments - Way Forward
+    People Are Interested In Viewing The Process - Activity
+    Sensitive To Smell
+    Least Blood Seen, The Better
+    Chicken Delivery Is A Convenience (Current Players Deliver In 30 Mins)
+    Smarter Automation Is Key
+    Target Audience Is Open To Home Delivery
+    Some Are Willing To Pay Extra

Business model to be built on 'experiential value'

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